From #MeToo to #WeToo

I'm your daughter, sister, mother, cousin, aunt friend.

This is me at 19 years old. I was a sophomore in college. I didn't drink, I was a "praise Jesus Christian" church girl who was saving herself for marriage. This picture was taken on the night back in 1993 that plunged me into my own personal hell and sent me down a very dark path. My eyes being almost fully closed is such symbolism years later. There was not just one event that kept me on this dark path ...there were many. Which is the basis for the book I'm writing in which I reveal how I broke this cycle of abuse at the hands of others and myself.

Now that I've painted that picture and why am I telling you this?!

FAST FORWARD to a few DAYS ago.

I ran into an older male friend that I hadn't seen in awhile and he started to give me a hug and

then pulled away quickly saying "I better not hug you because you will #metoo me" and then laughed and said "I read your Facebook posts Vickie." My response wasn't necessary because the look on my face said it all. But I said "you reading my posts and still laughing about it tells me we still have work to do."

I was using the hashtag #Metoo and even had it on my profile pic. But I have removed it because it has become a joke now, just like sexual assault has been for decades. I'm saddened that #metoo has been misused by some women in Hollywood looking for attention, money or to relaunch their careers. I pray for the actresses who were truly victims and are using their privilege and platform for good.

I am more determined now than ever to get my book published. I am not an actress, I don't have any monetary or status power or agenda, but I do represent the everyday girl, woman, sister, daughter, cousin, friend who has experienced sexual assaults(not to be confused with harassment) in her lifetime and never felt safe enough to report it or fight back. If you have never experienced physical sexual assault or even if you have and you are the 1% that reports it or fights back, you have no business judging others and how they react when it's happening or when and how they decide to let go of the pain. Just as every BODY is different requiring different workout and diet needs, every BRAIN is different so we handle trauma differently.

Society as a whole desperately needs to practice more EMPATHY and COMPASSION on BOTH SIDES. This is not a male vs female issue. This is a COLLECTIVE issue.

I know this hashtag is not grammatically correct, but I'm starting a new movement/hashtag ....


Victoria Griffith