In order to find true have to stop fighting yourself!

It's hard to believe that the woman on the left was me 11 years ago at age 32!

I don't think it's hard to guess that eleven years ago, I was showing my masculine side to the outer world.  Last week, I wrote about the importance of not dwelling in the details of our past, so without going into great detail about the experiences that caused me to put my masculine armor on, I will sum it up by saying that my Spiritual Director was not fooled by my outer mask one bit. And on our very first session said, "Vickie, why are you pushing away men?" and then gave me the very clear instructions to go take a belly dancing class. I actually thought she was silly for suggesting something so "girly," and I was NOT going to wear a skirt or the color pink.  But I decided to take her advice and find a dance class.  I ended up in a class that was all about helping women get in touch with their DIVINE FEMININE.  And after a few months...yep you got, I was wearing a skirt to class and a few of them were pink. LOL!

So the past eleven years I have flipped and flopped between my MASCULINE and FEMININE sides and actually began to struggle even more because I thought I had to choose one or the other.  It wasn't until this year that I finally realized that I needed both to be in TRUE ALIGNMENT with my TRUE SELF. And that this aspect of masculine and feminine has nothing to do with gender and that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US should be working towards finding this balance of both energies within ourselves.                        

Our FEMININE side is our inner self, sacred self, intuitive self, soul, essence, purity, and operates from the heart.  Our MASCULINE side is our outer personality (Ego), warrior & protector archetype, operating from the head.   In relationships, women who are stuck in their masculine, tend to  attract men that might only be interested in them for the "wrong reasons."  And if they want to attract a man who actually wants to carry on a conversation...these women need to strengthen their feminine side. The same thing goes for men who only operate out of their masculine...they attract women who might end up using them for their resources.  If they want to attract a different type of woman, then they need to strengthen their feminine side. As it applies to our health and wellness,  if you operate out of the masculine, you tend to hold on to more dis-ease, pain, and movement tends to be more rigid.  And if you operate out of the feminine, you tend to let go of pain and move with a little more ease and freedom.

So what does this mean and why is it important? Well if our goal is to become the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves, then along with workout and nutrition goals, we need to have a plan to achieve BALANCE between our head (MASCULINE) and our heart (FEMININE).  Then your INSIDES will match your OUTSIDES...THE TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION!

Love, Vickie G.


Victoria Griffith