"Stop telling me to act my age!"

"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age."--Sophia Loren

 When I turned 40, a few years ago, something definitely changed. But this change had nothing to do with getting older, in fact it had everything to do with feeling YOUNGER. I struggled with my self-esteem, body image, and worthiness in my 20's and 30's. But once I turned 40, that struggle turned to confidence, freedom, and true happiness. The term "middle age" just seems so distant when women my age are just now coming into their TRUE SELVES and learning how to create a life based on their desires as opposed to society duty or obligation. Everywhere we look, older women are rewriting the "rules" and living very different lives than their mothers and grandmothers before them.  99% of my clientele are women. And it's my ladies 40 and older I hear talking about their fire within, their deep desires and passion, where the media is still portraying 40 plus females as tired, boring, and frigid. News flash...it’s not just women who go through a mid-life hormonal change...men do too, and no one is talking about MANOPAUSE ("low T" and that is another blog topic all together).  Where it's perfectly natural for men to go out and buy a new model of a car and/or girlfriend, women are treated very different for doing the same. I for one am not ashamed to admit that I've dated quite a few men 15-20 years younger, I am not saying you need a younger man or a new fast car to make you feel youthful, as those shiny new things will eventually lose their luster.  But we do need to start practicing a different energy vibration as women that matches how we truly want to feel in this new age. At some point we have to realize that WE are the ones responsible for putting an age stamp on ourselves and broadcasting that number to the world. If you act old...people will see you as old. If you act youthful,  with vitality, in the flow with your core desires...people will see you as the RADIANT, TIMELESS. and AGELESS being that you were designed to be. #VickieGMethod

Here are my top ten tips to becoming AGELESS...

            1.   Do things that challenge you

2.    Stay optimistic

3.    Be adventurous

4.    Surround yourself with people of all ages with different perspectives

5.    Stay open-minded

6.    Stay current and connected to technology

7.    Be a risk-taker

8.    Be spontaneous

9.    Laugh and smile more

10.  Fall IN LOVE with YOURSELF


Victoria Griffith