"My past struggle is now my GREATEST STRENGTH"

I haven't lifted this much weight since my early30's...When I was in so much pain internally and externally.

People see me as always happy, always smiling, always laughing. But most don't know the pain I pushed down for years. In my personal life, I gave my power away to men. Once I called my SPIRIT back, I realized that this went beyond the male gender, as I was giving my power away in my professional life too. I had clients treating me like their time, jobs, lives were more important than mine. I lost complete control of my business and financial security.

You see, beneath this tough exterior I've built, there lies a girl who has a HUGE ❤️. A girl who sees the best in everyone she meets.

I've had people tell me that they find this quality so rare in this world...and to not change who I am. But I've realized that in order to truly STEP INTO MY POWER, that something had to change. I had to CALL MY SPIRIT BACK in EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE. I had to CHANGE MY MINDSET. I had to put MYSELF FIRST. AND I had to realize that I DESERVED BETTER!  MY TIME was just as valuable and precious and to not allow others to dictate MY WORTH.

I am not afraid of being alone or not having enough money to live as I let clients go... as that is FEAR-BASED thinking. The only way to MOVE FORWARD with STRENGTH and POWER is to let go of what is no longer serving you, EMBRACE a NEW MINDSET, and step into your TRUE DIVINE DESTINY!


THIS IS THE #VickieGMethod


Victoria Griffith