"When You TRULY Love Yourself"

It's easy to fill our lives with distractions— our job, material items, alcohol, friends, family, workouts, surgeries  and  procedures to turn back the hand of time. And all of that is fine in moderation. But you should be able to love YOURSELF...just by being YOURSELF by YOURSELF.

It took me a long time to let go of my distractions to get to where I am today—TRULY IN LOVE WITH MYSELF. So I came up with a checklist representing times in my life that I have had to check my own damn self to see if I was ok with me, myself, and I.

I will say it’s been easier for me to let go of distractions because I haven’t had the huge bank account to distract myself with...I’ve been kind of forced into looking inward. :) So I’ve made this a blessing not a curse.  I still struggle with the last one because of being in an industry that is based on the physical and listening to women my age talk about how wrinkles and sagging skin are so unattractive.  At some point we have to accept that we are going to age (I'll save the rest of this for another blog).


You know you TRULY LOVE YOURSELF when you are...

1. Perfectly fine kicking it with yourself versus feeling the need to fill every free hour of your social calendar or jetting off every weekend to a different city.

2. Content with the material items you do have versus spending idle time shopping for more material items.

3. Able to put into practice all of those self-help seminars, workshops, conferences and lessons your favorite self-help guru or life coach has taught you while not becoming dependent on these tools. 

4. Happy flying solo when you thought you’d have the kiddo, husband, family duties/obligations  AND/OR kick-ass business that is pulling in six figures by this time in your life. (insert preconceived timelines here) 

5. Perfectly fine without the "likes" and instant gratification you receive on social media.

6. Able to turn that last drink or  drug (that includes food)  down because you’d rather work through the pain or problem with a clear head.

7. Ok with not beating your body up in a workout or the latest fad diet, but rather going on a gentle walk or treating yourself to a massage.

8. Able to look into the mirror and love what you see staring back at you, wrinkles, sagging skin, cellulite, extra weight, flaws and all.

Accept yourself, love yourself.  You are worth it!

-Vickie G❤️

Victoria Griffith