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Change your energy - Change your life!

"My mental state and consciousness about my life, health and wealth are finally lining up. I've tried it all, and I like the idea of finally figuring out what works for ME."



23 years ago, I allowed one night to change the course of my life. If I had just opened up to those who supported me, I know that I would not have let that single event convince me that I was damaged goods and take me into the darkness where I began to abuse my body. Where I lost myself, and my power. 

Movement is what changed my life. Working out and dancing allowed me to reconnect with body. I then discovered how to intuitively feed my body with Metabolic Typing. I started to love myself again.

Today I can finally own my story and let go of my past. I am no longer a victim. I practice personal responsibility, forgiveness, choice and possibility.

43 is the new 29! I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life. Age is a mindset... free your mind and the BEST YEARS of your life will follow!
— Vickie G

To anyone reading, you are not alone. Life happens FOR you, not TO you. Your past makes your stronger! It is what I have gone through that has built me up to be able to help those around me. Anyone is capable to overcome their past and love themselves more than ever.

Love yourself. You are worth it.




I have been a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Metabolic Typing Nutritional Advisor in the Dallas Metroplex for over 18 years. 

I have partnered with Prevention Magazine on several professional fitness DVDs and my signature workouts are featured on several on-line fitness workout platforms.

I love that at age 43 I am in the best shape of my life, I love every inch of my body, and that I have reinvented myself countless times in this industry in order to keep living my passion and purpose.

Now I'm ready to help other women of all ages become the best versions of themselves, discover their passion and purpose as they fall in love with themselves MIND , BODY & SOUL.


Metabolic Circuit Classes

Dance Fitness

Cardio Kickboxing

Small Group Training

Yoga Tune Up


National Academy of Sports Medicine

Pre & Post Natal Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

The Cooper Institute

The C.H.E.K. Institute

Health Excel Metabolic Typing Nutritional Advisor

Client Transformations


Kaitlyn Marie Glass

Certified Registered Nurse

Heightened Energy

"Vickie changed my life. Metabolic Typing has given me the information to gain the energy I need to feel better about myself. I cannot thank her enough! She designed workouts for my problem areas - she's amazing!


Judy Havelka


Strength Training
Heightened Energy

"My 13 year history with Vickie has been a life changing experience. She has given me the tools to maintain a healthy body."

Laura Friedman

Speech Language Pathologist

Personalized Regiment                                   

"The Vickie G Method not only allowed me to reach my wedding goals but I finally have the body that I've always strived for."


Jennifer Roberson

Hair Colorist Specialist

Wellness Education
Tone & Maintain

After years of battling my weight, I met with Vickie in 2015 to do my Metabolic Typing testing. She was able to educate me on specific workouts and a nutrition plan that would help me achieve my goals. Vickie held me accountable! This has been the most effective program for me with my busy life style of working and keeping up with 2 young children.


Cherry Morris

Super Mom

Healthy Lifestyle Changes
Total Body Wellness

"After nearly 20 years of working with Vickie, I can honestly say she is a total wellness expert.
Through every stage of my life, my body has stayed strong, healthy and fit. She helped me shed 70 pounds of baby weight and kept it off...twice!"


Alicia Froio

Commercial Real Estate Broker

More Fit
Strength Training
Tone & Maintain

"Vickie is amazing to work with. And her method has made me stronger and more fit."