"Total body health is an inside job" 

This was me 18 years ago when I started in the business as a personal trainer on set for my first fitness infomercial video shoot. (Yes that Jennifer Aniston-"Friends" Hair-Do was so in).

I battled my weight as a child and eating disorders as an adolescent and young adult. Then I discovered that by LOVING my body...through healthy eating (The Metabolic Typing Program) and CONSISTENT exercise...that I got HAPPIER in every aspect of my life!

I didn't have access or the means to hire personal trainers, integrative nutritionists, or buy nutritional products... I had to do all the hard work and the "guessing game" on my own. That's why I created my original business Female Factor Fitness over 10 years ago and developed the
#VickieGMethod to show women how take the guesswork out and help them discover which workout and nutrition plans are best for their UNIQUE BIOCHEMISTRY.

It's never too late to start!