"Easy for you...you haven't had kids Vickie"

"Easy for you...you haven't had kids Vickie"

I get told this on a weekly basis and it still surprises me how we don't think before we speak sometimes. Smh

First of all, i haven't had the OPPORTUNITY to have kids...

Second of all did you know that some women experience early menopause from not birthing babies? Which causes them more issues with keeping weight off in their midsection due to the lack of hormones.

Third of all...some hold onto "weight" in their midsection due to emotional issues-Third Chakra(More to come on that on one of my next blogs)


I've always battled weight and issues with my gut (due to emotional and diet) and would never take a picture showing my abs until this year.

Because I get this statement all the time, I askeda few of my mommy clients to write about their journey to an even better version of themselves -losing the baby weight, tightening their core, and keeping the weight off with the Vickie G Method.

*disclaimer-all pregnancies are different and I'm not talking about magically tightening loose skin



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