"Age is just a number!"


Wait...I meant 43 LOL!

I've been posting about my birthday this week...not for gifts, parties, or recognition, but rather to show the world that I AM NOT AFRAID OF GETTING OLDER.

My biggest pet peeve is listening to my age group and older go on and on about how "it's all down hill from here" or "enjoy it while it lasts".This is why our youth fear getting older and are trying everything to stop the process of aging.

I've spent the first part of my life focused on my "outside" ...struggling to look and act a certain way to attract the right man and business opportunities. I was beating my body up with the wrong workouts and nutrition. This left me exhausted, depressed, and I completely fell out of love with myself.

I can honestly say that I feel better now at age 43 than I did at 23.  Because I discovered the key to looking and feeling YOUTHFUL...it's the WORKOUT that begins from WITHIN! We have to INVEST IN FEEDING OUR SPIRIT like we invest in new shiny expensive clothes and accessories....so that our SOUL RADIATES VITALITY.

It feels so good to finally say that I LOVE EVERY INCH OF MYSELF from the INSIDE OUT!

Now it's time for me to go SPREAD THIS LOVE! ❤️

Victoria Griffith